Making R Work

You have decided for R? Great! You will never regret that. It might seem complicated to use the program, but as soon as you understand the basic structure of the program and know how and where to get help everything else will be quite easy. So, how do we get it?

Go to the program’s homepage and click CRAN. Search for a convenient or near server, from which you want to download the program, choose your operating system, download the “base” version and install the file. That’s it. Now you got R.

BUT: If you open the programm you might notice that it seems not very user-friendly. There only is this command line. You can type in


and hit enter and you will get the result, but this is not what we actually wanted to learn since we are into statistics.

In order to improve our R experience, it might help to install a so-called “integrated development environment”. Basically, this is nothing else than a program that helps you to work better with R.

There are some IDEs for R. The IDE used here will be RStudio. Download the deskop version and install it. When you run RStudio the left side should look somehow familiar. It is the R window from before.

Now click File – New File – R Script. A window will open. Type


into it and hit “Ctrl+Enter” while the cursor is still on the same line.

Congratulations! R is running on your computer and you just did your first two calculations. Maybe you want to write that into your diary.

If you want to proceed with the next step, click here.


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